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Rajgir Mahotsav 25th to 27th November 2017

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Rajgir Mahotsav (festival), formerly Rajgir Nritaya (Dance) Mahotsav is a festival of dance and music. It was started in 1986, is an annual three-day event at Rajgir in Bihar, India. It is organized by Nalanda district administration with the help of Government of Bihar’s Department of Culture and Bihar State Tourism Development Corporation.

Bindeshwari Dubey, the then Chief Minister of Bihar, had inaugurated the festival in Swarna Bhadar area of Rajgir on April 4, 1986. The Tourism Department of Bihar Government had sponsored festival until 1989. After 1989, event abandoned for reasons unknown. Few years later in 1994, it was again started and since then, it is an annual event in the calendar of Bihar Government.

Various competitions on Tonga race, martial arts competitions, mehndi contest, mahila utsav, food plaza, gramshree mela etc. have been introduced recently besides organizing performance by artists of national and international repute. Qila Maidan located in the backdrop of Ratnagiri hills is its current venue. In 2016, Rajgir Mahotsav was organized from 25th to 27th November.

In 2017, Rajgir Mahotsav will be organized from 25th to 27th November.

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