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Welcome at Here you will get all the information about your city.

The thought behind developing this site is to provide and get more and more information about places of your interest.

If you will search about your city on the Internet to get information about your city but you will not able to get proper information at one place in proper order for every bit of information we have to surf around the sites to get the same. It was really a matter of concern that so many important places remain unplugged around us. We know, there are so many interesting things are there in & around our city, many things are still unexplored by the masses. There is no Information-Base at local level. We really don't know much about the culture, business, agriculture, handicrafts & so on. There are many information that we keep searching about to get to know to complete our regular day to day work; like contact & important information related Govt. & Pvt. offices, Banks, business units & organizations, a-lot more.

We are not representing any government or public representatives from any part of India. So, please do not make any request for any kind of help. We will be happy to assist for any kind of request which will related to information from any part of India.

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